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The final outcome of the CATRIS project is a software application that provides objective prosody evaluations of the user. We have developed such a tool that we call the 'Prosodietrainer'.
The Prosodietrainer allows speech therapists to assess the prosodic capabilities of their patients and fully customize the tool according to the needs of a particular patient. This patient can take the customized software home, making patient specific therapy from home possible.

Who can use the Prosodietrainer?

The version of the Prosodietrainer that can be downloaded on this page is specifically meant to be used by speech therapists to assess and train the prosodic skills of people suffering from dysarthria. It is intended to be used with Dutch speaking patients only. The software is suitable for patients with mild to moderate dysarthria. It should not be used with patients suffering from aphonia.

What can the Prosodietrainer be used for?

The Prosodietrainer can be used to assess and train prosodic skills.

There are currently two aspects of prosody integrated in the software: rate of speech (speech rate and pauses) and intonation (question-statement differentiation).

Third beta version of the Prosodietrainer available for download!

You can download the third beta version of the Prosodietrainer (version 1.22-beta3) here. This version of the Prosodietrainer is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8. The software is completely free of charge.


In the future, the latest releases of the Prosodietrainer will always be offered as a free download on this webpage.

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User feedback

We would like to hear about your user experience with the first beta version of the Prosodietrainer. Any comments or suggestions that could make future releases of the software better are very much appreciated. You can send us these comments and suggestions using the feedback form on this page.

Support & FAQ

If you have a question about the Prosodietrainer you can look at the FAQ page to find an answer to your question

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